The First Steps for the Curious Gamer

Welcome to My Blog!

Have you ever wondered what the reasons may be behind the addictiveness of video games? Or thought about how large the video game industry has become? Maybe noticed how with smartphones everyone seems to play games at one point or another?

There are lots of interesting facts attached to video games, such as the female game audience having overtaken the male – 52% females to 48% males¹. And how the game industry is outperforming the film industry².

But as these facts are revealed, and the industry keeps growing, the amount of research done on video games in comparatively limited and of a lacking quality.

Join me on a ride through the current research, viewing and reviewing it. Furthering our knowledge on the underlying reasons behind our attraction to video games. This knowledge is important, whether we aim to learn more about ourselves, our society, or how to create better more salient games.

The aim of this blog is to awaken curiosity and shedding some light on some of the many questions we may have connected to games. Another goal is to inspire more people to take an interest in Video Game Research, since we are in a dire need to expand our knowledge on the subject.

You can expect a weekly update coming out every Sunday.

For now, the owl and I would like to thank you for reading



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