Five nights at Freddy’s – Coming Up!


So here is a small teaser on what Sunday’s blog post is going to be about!

If you know what the game Five nights at Freddy’s is, then you will know how horrible it is, horrible as in frightening, and if you haven’t acquainted yourself with it yet, then it is about time and join me on the journey.

No worries, if you are no huge fan of the horror genre don’t fret; I will be putting myself on the line for the sake of research. I will play the game during the next few days in order to figure out what all the hype is about.

(Apparently this game is supposed to be quite scary)

In other words, after a few days of scaring the living daylights out of myself, I shall on Sunday attempt to explain what it is in particular that makes this game scary, and also add some thoughts on why the heck we would chose to play games like this in the first place.

Check out the link below for a teaser of the games content! (No jump scares in this video)

Hope to see you on Sunday for, Five nights at Freddy’s !!

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