Midweek Update! – On paintings and stuff

Midweek Update! – On paintings and stuff


So I was meant to make a post last Sunday, but sadly sickness came in the way, and I had to postpone all plans. But I am back again now! My post on empathy and its importance in games will still have to wait until next Sunday, where I have more time to do my research and work. So today’s post is mainly just a bit of random fun.


The start of this week has mainly brought on two discoveries. The first is the website from which I found the picture above. What a brilliant idea! And so simple. Also this guy says what many of us feel. Just saying (Well, he is).

The second discovery was what an amazing game The Witcher 3 is. Not to mention slightly addicting. I will talk more about the game in a couple of weeks – as this should give me time to complete the game (maybe – its long!), but also to look further into the games structure and functions. As for now let me just mention that The Witcher 3 has pulled of creating an engrossing fantasy world built up through narrative better than anything else I have played. It actually feels like being in a story, but one that you yourself have a great influence in shaping. More on this coming up soon(ish)!

Now please just take out a second to appreciate these:

I think we all do! (http://ifpaintingscouldtext.tumblr.com/)
I think we all do! (http://ifpaintingscouldtext.tumblr.com/)
Happens all too often when cake is around... (http://ifpaintingscouldtext.tumblr.com/)
Happens all too often when cake is around… (http://ifpaintingscouldtext.tumblr.com/)

Make sure to check out the website where I found these great images: http://ifpaintingscouldtext.tumblr.com/

Thanks for reading! And remember to come back Sunday where we will be going slightly more sciency and check out the importance of empathy – it’ll be good!

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