The Witcher 3 – Initial thoughts (With more to come!!)

The Witcher 3 – Initial thoughts (With more to come!!)

I actually completed The Wicher 3: The Wild Hunt (TW3) quite a while ago, and have been planning to write about it ever since. Then there was an exam in the way, but I finally have a chance to put “pen” to “paper” once again.


Oh how one can miss the good old days at times. And speaking of which, TW3 really does take us back to a rather realistic medieval setting – discounting the magic, monsters, potions etc. But you get my point. The general setting is one of a fair degree of realism. This is one of the things I really loved about this game.

Let me just put it out there. I find this to be one of the best games I have ever played! 

But despite this I try not to be too biased. Well, not so much in this post, but mainly in the one(s) to come. More on that later.

This post is, as the title mentions, more of a first impressions kind of deal. Even though those first impressions were made a month ago. It has given me time to digest the game, and mull over the actual narrative and so on. It has also given me time to soak in the general impression other people got from the game, including the always popular discussion of sexism.. 

Should you play this game? YES. It has a lot to offer – especially if you enjoy the fantasy genre. The game has its flaws of course, but to be honest, most of the time I was too emerged to notice them.


The game (series) is based on a series of novels written by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. Now games based on books are not necessarily a success, and it does not ensure a great story in the actual game. In this case, thankfully, we did get a game with a great narrative. The point in which I especially think it is felt, that this is a game with story elements from a novel, is the depth of the characters. Far too often the characters can seem slightly flat, bland, uninteresting.. You name it. In the whole, that is not the case here, as many of the characters feel as though they have their own goals and motivations. Although, our main character Geralt, is grumpy as always!

I will end this post here, and keep it short. Sadly I will not be home for a while now, so no posts any time soon. My aim is to have the follow-up post of this one (one that takes a more detailed look at the game) sometime in August. Hopefully you will be back then to read more, and follow me as posts after August will arrive at a regular basis once more!

Until then take care! And thanks for reading!


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