Bioshock Infinite: What Happends when we have no Choice?

Bioshock Infinite: What Happends when we have no Choice?

Today’s post is in the shape of a video that I uploaded onto YouTube! It’s all on Bioshock Infinite and the choices, or rather lack thereof that take place in the game.


I look forward to hearing what you think :)

3 thoughts on “Bioshock Infinite: What Happends when we have no Choice?

  1. This is an absolutely terrific video.

    Infinite is and has been for a while one of my favourite games, not only for the accuracy in its capturing of a dystopia but the exploration of the human psyche it provides- a commentary about desire and regret on Booker’s part.

    I didn’t think about the religious commentary on fatalist denominations such as Calvinism at all previously, and in this sense the video was very eye opening.

    I know that Ken Levine is an incredibly intelligent person so I tend to reconcile the disappointing lack of variety in endings with my love of the game by assuming that having one ending only is Levine’s further commentary on inevitability. There is too much deliberation on choice and intuitive decision in the game for the sole ending not to obviously stick out.

    Great job!

    PS- you mentioned Sam Harris. Just as food for thought, this video I found to be very interesting.

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    1. Levine is definitely an intelligent man, and he knows what messages he is conveying in his game. But I definitely think Infinite suffers from trying to do Too much. For instance booker’s desire and regret – this could have been explored in much more interesting ways than simply voicing it on his behalf. I think this is an amazing game – it just had, as with so many games, the potential for so much more. But yeah the video wasn’t a critique of the game as much as a way of entering some of the heavier subject matters.
      I’m very happy you liked it – definitely want to make more of this kind of video!

      Cheers, I’ll check out the link!

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