Dark Souls 3: Questions of Narrative and Difficulty

Dark Souls 3: Questions of Narrative and Difficulty

I have kind of gone into Dark Souls 3 mode for the time being, so this and the next couple of weeks will concern themselves with the game. This will just be a short post on what I expect to talk about in the next couple of posts.


As you have probably guessed Dark Souls is a part of a series of games going by the same name. But before the Dark Souls series there was a game called Demon’s Souls, which laid the foundations for the game, and there has also been a spin-off version of the game called Bloodborne. I call Bloodborne a spin-off because it is actually quite different in play-style and feel to Dark Souls, and even though there might be some evidence to these games taking place in the same universe, they don’t seem to be directly linked story-wise. Now, aside from Bloodborne, the fact that there have been 3 games previous to Dark Souls 3 means there is a lot of already established story and lore to be seen in the game. This already established lore is not without significance either, at least not to those who wish to understand what they are actually doing in the Dark Souls 3 game, and what their characters story might be about – because that isn’t easy to figure out.

Now, I will need some more time to research this lore slightly further, because to be honest I haven’t figured it out yet, and the reason for this is that all the narrative hints to the story you get is through little pieces of disconnected conversations with the various characters in the game. My point here is simply that there is indeed a narrative in the game, despite the seeming lack of one initially (at least the lack of any engaging narrative). How this choice of minimal narrative impacts the game is something I shall return to in a couple of weeks time – It is a topic I am really looking forward to engaging with!


So, I mentioned it in the previous post, I will mention it in this one, and the next one, this game is Difficult! It really is the source of endless frustration and heightened stress levels when playing it – because every time you get a hang of how to beat a certain set of enemies you reach a new point in the game with new enemies, and you will have to start all over again. I find this to be a really interesting choice. The games creators FromSoftware could seriously be limiting the sales of this game by making it so hard to beat. At least that is my initial thought. A lot of people will find this franchise too hard, or just too frustrating to play. But will more people find it intriguing at the same time? Maybe. This is one of the questions I aim to look closer at next week, where I will talk about the difficulty of Dark Souls, and how that affects things such as flow, progression, satisfaction and general enjoyment.

In short, the question next week will be, why do people enjoy a game where they die over and over again?

Hope to see you there, and if you have any other questions concerning the game please add them in a comment below.

Thank you for reading.

















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