My name is Peter Milo Self. In 2017 I graduated from Aarhus University, Denmark, with a M.A. in English Culture and Communication. I wrote my bachelor’s paper a couple of years ago on the evolutionary explanations for why we play video games. My recent thesis was on how narratives in video games are utilised.

This blog is dedicated to writing on the topic of video games – particularly with an emphasis on storytelling and narrative structure.

Do you like what you see on this website? Please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Is there a particular game you would like me to work on, and with a specific angle? Are you in need on an extra writer for your website? Or do you have any other requests?

Then please contact me via email and I would be happy to assist: milo.self@gmail.com


You can also find me on Twitter, @PeterMSelf


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