How Storytelling Functions in Video Games (Part 2): Defining Video Games, Stories and Play

How Storytelling Functions in Video Games (Part 2): Defining Video Games, Stories and Play

For this second entry of the series, I define some essential terms such as games, video games, and stories. It is surprisingly complicated to define these terms and I do so in order to ensure future reference to the gameplay in a video game, for instance, cannot be misunderstood or misinterpreted. In other words, you are in for a few theoretical definitions, but I promise it is quite interesting to know the difference between these terms. 

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A new year of blogging: What will change?

A new year of blogging: What will change?

To be honest I don’t know the exact answer to this question yet. I am not great at planning such things, as I am driven by what captures my immediate attention and mostly just let ideas develop as I work with them.


That being said, my intention is to work in a more coherent fashion this coming year, with a focus on subjects that tie into my area of study. Studying English my main focus lies within the realms of media analysis, and the interplay between individuals, society and cultural products such books, films and video games. Video games being the most prominent area of interest as you might have noticed. In short I wish to examine how we can analyse and work with video games within the humanities, but also tie such analysis into the context of other studies of games from areas such as psychology and cognitive science.

In other words expect to see more analyses of video games this coming year that offer examples of how we can approach this type of media from a humanistic perspective. As I probably won’t have time to play a new game and analyse it every single week, these will be subsidised with reviews and reflections of recent developments within video game research, and probably the more opinionated blog post from time to time.

With a bit of luck you, dear reader, should be able to see a development of theories throughout the year, which represents my own increased understanding and knowledge on this area of study. If all goes well, this shall end up in a Masters Thesis written on the subject of video game analysis by yours truly!

So there you go, the ambitions are in place, and I hope you will follow the progress of my blog, which should reflect slightly more maturity in its second year of existence, and therefore more coherent content.

How it all goes only time will tell.. owl-clip-art-owl-green-polka-dot


Video Games, Motivation and Evolution

Most people who have played video games are aware of how addicting they can become.

A lot of research points towards needs satisfaction as part of the reason behind our wish to engage with video games. I believe there must be more to this explanation, as in underlying reasons for why we have certain needs that we seem to especially take pleasure in satisfying.

These explanations I believe we can find within evolutionary psychology.

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