A Story of Total War: Warhammer

A Story of Total War: Warhammer

The Legend of Grimgor Ironhide

Something stirs in the desolate lands to the South. A thirst for war and conquest. The Orcs have awoken, ready to once again do battle with their hated enemy to the North: the Dwarfs, or ‘da stunties’ as the Orcs call them. A new Warlord has risen to power and now commands the city of Black Crag: Grimgor Ironhide. Considered by many to be one of the greatest Orc Warlords to have ever lived, Grimgor Ironhide is renowned for his savagery. He has never lost a fight.

“Everfing I see is mine. All da uvver bits are mine too – I just ain’t got there yet. When we reach da end of da whole world, we’ll turn around and march back.” – Grimgor Ironhide.

Grimgor Ironhide


Chapter I: Gorfang Rotgut mess wit da boss!

After claiming Black Crag and assuming the mantle of Warlord, Grimgor Ironhide debates what his next step should be. He would like nothing more than to take the war to the Dwarfs, to raze their lands and exact vengeance against them and their “Grudgebearer”! But Grimgor is hesitant to do so. Though he longs for war and conquest, his bestial intellect recognizes the need for stability in the home region. More Orc tribes inhabit the region of Death Pass. Uniting these under the Greenskin banner and securing the region might be a wise move. Fortunately, just as his head is starting to hurt from all this thinking, the choice is made for him. Gorfang Rotgut, leader of the Red Fangs tribe, has challenged Grimgor’s claim on Black Crag. Itching for a fight and eager to test himself against Gorfang, Grimgor welcomes this challenge. Grimgor Ironhide assembles his most elite Orc Boyz and marches to battle!

First battle

Upon reaching the battlefield, it quickly becomes clear that Gorfang Rotgut is no worthy opponent. He has emptied his lands and brought a second army to ambush Grimgor! Unfortunately for Gorfang, Grimgor Ironhide has never lost a fight. Gorfang has played right into Grimgor’s hand. The weak and undisciplined Orc Boyz of the Red Fangs are met by the Black Orcs and Goblin Doom Divers of the Greenskins! Black Orcs are stronger and more ferocious than their brethren, so much so that they instill fear into the heart of even the most savage of Orc Boyz. Grimgor himself is one such Black Orc, the fiercest of them all. The suicidal Doom Divers bombard the approaching Orcs, shattering the enemy lines.

Doom Diver

Chaos ensues as Orcs from both sides clash in a brutal melee. Grimgor’s Black Orcs quickly gain the upper hand. Amidst the slaughter, Grimgor finds Gorfang.

Grimgor Ironhide has never lost a fight.

Grimgor in battle


Chapter II: Bloody Spearz mess wit da boss!

After decimating the Red Fangs and conquering Iron Rock, Grimgor pauses to recruit the remaining Red Fang Orcs and bolster his forces. He now has quite the following – almost enough to form a true Waaagh! A Waaagh! is perhaps the most terrifying thing in the Old World. When the god Mork (or perhaps Gork?) declares that it is time to fight, the Orcs will band together to form an unstoppable horde of death and destruction – a Waaagh! To unite the Orcs and form a true Waaagh! is Grimgor’s goal. Then, nothing will be able to stop him, and he can march to the end of the world and claim it all!

However, others still believe themselves more fit to lead the Waaagh!. The Bloody Spearz tribe has noticed that the Greenskins are growing in number, and now look to absorb them into their own Waaagh!. They attack Iron Rock, Grimgor’s newly-conquered settlement! While the attack is easily repelled, it must be repaid in blood. Grimgor sets his eyes on the Bloody Spearz and their holdings. The Greenskins’ retaliation is swift, and Grimgor launches a brutal assault against Karag Dron, the closest Bloody Spearz settlement. Such is his fury and ferocity that his boyz are overcome with the bloodlust – Mork has granted the Greenskins his blessing! The Waaagh! is unleashed!


There is no glorious last stand for the Bloody Spearz. No Orc who thinks himself a match for Grimgor Ironhide, the Black Orc who has never lost a fight. There is only blood and death as the Waaagh! carves a swath of destruction through the lands of the Bloody Spearz. The few that survive are quick to join the Greenskins. Karag Dron, Mount Squighorn and the Pillars of Grungni are now under Greenskin control. Before he realizes it, Grimgor has pushed into Dwarf lands. The hated enemy, the Dwarfs, are ever so close now…


Chapter III: Stunties also mess wit da boss!

The Waaagh! stops only briefly. With the Dwarfs so close, only the iron will of Grimgor Ironhide can leash the Waaagh! and stop the Orcs from running amok. Although he himself thirsts for battle, Grimgor knows that he must make sure his new subjects understand that his rule is absolute, and that any thought of rebellion is quelled. Any Orcs still loyal to the Red Fangs or the Bloody Spearz meet a swift end as the Waaagh! turns its attention inward, scouring the Greenskin lands for traitors. Then, a discovery is made. The Red Fangs are not quite as extinct as Grimgor thought. While Grimgor turned his attention north towards the Dwarfs, the Red Fangs have established themselves in another settlement south of Black Crag! Enraged by this affront, the Waaagh! rushes southwards. Grimgor is determined to end the Red Fangs once and for all.

As the last of the Red Fang Orcs lie dead before him, their settlement in ruins, Grimgor once again turns his attention to the north. Karaz-a-Karak, the Dwarf capital, awaits. The Waaagh! marches north once again!

In addition to Karaz-a-Karak, the Dwarfs also control much of the Blood River Valley. Only Dok Karaz is not under their rule. The Backstabberz, another Orc tribe, controls this settlement, along with Stonemine Tower further west. The Backstabberz, having heard of Grimgor’s Waaagh!, offer to join the Greenskins willingly in exchange for protection from the nearby Dwarfs. The tribes join together, and the Waaagh! grows once more!

But the Dwarfs are sneaky. While Grimgor is occupied with the siege of Karaz-a-Karak, the Dwarfs attack Iron Rock further south! With the Waaagh! out of position to deal with this threat, the Orcs garrisoned there must fend for themselves. The Orc who leads the defenders is not Grimgor Ironhide. Grimgor Ironhide has never lost a fight. But he is not present for the fall of Iron Rock.

The Waaagh

Grimgor has just finished sacking Karaz-a-Karak when the news reaches him. Outraged, he must consider his next move. Should he continue his conquest and let the Dwarfs have free reign in the South? Or should he risk halting the Waaagh! once again to turn back? Eventually, he reaches a decision. The Waaagh! must continue or the Orcs will lose faith in him. But the Dwarfs cannot be allowed to conquer any more Orc territory! Grimgor decides to personally lead a smaller force to retake Iron Rock and rout the Dwarf army garrisoned there. Meanwhile, the Waaagh! will continue to ravage the Dwarf lands. Grimgor intends to rejoin the Waaagh! at Barag Dawazbag.

Grimgor knows that it is a gamble. The Dwarf army is led by the Grudgebearer himself, the Dwarf king. But Grimgor Ironhide has never lost a fight.

The Dwarfs put up a good fight. Without the overwhelming numbers of the Waaagh! it was almost an even fight. Almost. But as Grimgor looks down on the lifeless body of the Grudgebearer, he knows that the Dwarfs are no more. He gathers his boyz and makes for Barag Dawazbag to rejoin the Waaagh!. The Waaagh! has conquered Varenka Hills on its way there, and news of the Grudgebearer’s defeat drives them into a frenzy. It is time to finish the Dwarfs once and for all! Barag Dawazbag falls before Grimgor. Only Barak Varr now remains. The last bastion of the Dwarfs. But even the fortified coast city of the Dwarfs cannot stand against the savage Waaagh!.

map overview 2

Grimgor Ironhide has done what no other Orc Warlord has done. He has united the Orcs under his banner and decimated the Dwarfs! But Grimgor is not content. He will not stop until he has marched to the end of the world and claimed it all. To the North lies the Empire of Man. Emperor Karl Franz has long been an enemy of the Orcs, and Grimgor would relish the chance to face him in combat.

After all, Grimgor Ironhide has never lost a fight.



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